Contact one of our specialists

Every our specialist holds expertise in a specific area. Their task is to guide the client during the entire process. All kinds of materials and documents are also delivered to them.

Managing client’s expectations

Identifying client’s needs is critical for us to create a product that truely meets customer’s expectations. The decisions about the subject of the order are essential to be made, whether it is to be a visualisation, animation or something else. When a client is not sure which option to choose, our specialists are here to help. They will be delighted to explain what and why the particular service will be most suitable. As experienced and knowledgeable professionals they will help clients with decision-making by showing them different perspectives

Materials for project implementation

Each project is created on the basis of materials provided by a customer. If you do not have any drawings or technical designs, we are able to make visualizations based on a simple product photo. However, providing materials, as many as possible, ensures the best possible results. Our specialists will also advise you which materials are the most beneficial for the high quality design project.

Useful materials:

  • Product photos,
  • Technical drawing,
  • Project,
  • Textures,
  • 3D model (if previously made)
  • Dimensions and measurements
  • Physical product (delivered to us)

Pricing the project

Having identified all the expectations and after providing the necessary materials, one of our specialists prepares a service pricing. It depends on the time input, the type and mode of a graphic design.

Getting started

As we determine all the details, a contract is drawn up. It specifies the subject of the contract, the deadline or duration of works and the total price. The customer signs the contract on each page and sends back the scan. The work to be performed under the contract is to begin upon the receipt of the signed contract.

Project contacts

It’s worth pointing out that our specialists at your disposal throughout the entire period of our cooperation and long after it. In case any questions or concerns, just call or send us an e-mail. What’s more, by keeping everyone informed and up-to-date, unnecessary delays and rework can be avoided and excellent performance ensured.

Project completion

When the project is completed, all the graphic designs are handed over to the client. He may submit amendments to the project once, without incurring any additional costs.

Project finalization

Since the project has been accepted, it’s time for payment. An invoice is issued and final materials are delivered to the client.