3D animation of <a>a solar farm</a>

Play The project shows off a photovoltaic farm created for a Polish renewable energy company. It shows all the processes that take place in the installation, e.g., electricity flow. 3D graphics is currently the most desired and cost-effective method of presenting such investments. More and more solar energy solutions providers are using 3D technology. The […]

3D visualization of the floor

3D visualization of the floor in the foreground is not very common. The purpose has been to present wood floor panels. 3D visualization is great for interior design projects and allows architects and interior designers to see if a product or decor idea goes well with their concept. Here the loft style of the room […]

Visualization of the facade cladding

Poprzedni Następny The projects show the facade cladding, i.e. the material used to cover most of the exterior surface area of your home. However, they can also make great interior walls of a room. 3D technology in such projects is a powerful tool to draw the audience´s attention. When looking for a visually attractive finish, […]

Visualization of POL-SKONE door

Poprzedni Następny The graphics have been made for a leading Polish manufacturer of wooden doors and windows, POL-SKONE. Ten visualizations of different doors have been designed. All in different settings, basing on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Fashionable, modern and trend-setting interiors perfectly showcase the design of the door. 3D door visualizations in different settings allow the […]

Fast tram route – Warsaw

Play 3D visualization of the planned fast tram route (with limited stops). Before-and-after 3D visualizations and the animation show off the route of the trams and include basic information about the project’s implementation, i.e. the scope of work and a general map of the investment. The fast tram, connecting two Warsaw districts, is one of […]

3D animation of a window

Play Product visualisation, with high quality 3D animations, accurately displays products and their features to potential clients. The great advantage of the technology is that it is possible to present all the mechanisms, details and cross-sections of the products. Adding some descriptions, action, sound effects or all of them at the same time, really brings […]