The Market Square and Marketplace in Kazimierza Wielka


Erynek3D, as a 3D graphics studio, has substantial experience in creating spatial visualizations. One of our recent projects involved composite 3D visualizations for the modernization of a market square, city square, and the expansion and reconstruction of an elementary school building in Kazimierza Wielka as part of a city revitalization project.

The market square modernization investment, completed in 2019, was worth nearly 4.5 million Polish zlotys. The project focused on the reconstruction of the area used as the Kazimierza Wielka City Market. The existing building on the investment site was expanded and adapted as an administrative building with a restroom. A modern water drainage system was installed, and the surface was changed to cobblestone. New steel-structured stalls were built to replace the old ones. The area was also enriched with small architectural elements, necessary traffic infrastructure, parking spaces, fencing, and modern LED lighting.

Within the modernized elementary school area, new communication surfaces, a playground, a game and play zone, and new small architectural elements were created.

The revitalization work in Kazimierza Wielka’s city square included the construction of new granite block pavements, a floor fountain, a barrier, a parking meter, a bus stop with a shelter, parking spaces, a parking bay for buses, and a public restroom with layered panels. Additionally, space was allocated for a portable stage where events would be held.

All graphic materials related to the planned spatial development changes in Kazimierza Wielka were prepared on behalf of Armax Sp. z o.o., a company specializing in comprehensive design of building, linear, engineering objects, as well as sports and recreational infrastructure documentation.


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  • Date: 2018