Many possibilities

To create professional and flawless photos, you usually need the help of a good photo studio and the use of the right scenery. This means high costs and the inability to edit the photos later, or use them to present a new product.

That is why it is worth investing in professional 3D graphics because you can easily use it to visualize a new product in the future. For example, when a visualization is made in a scenery (e.g. a sofa in the living room), we can use the previously created scenery to present a new product, so it is much more cost effective.

Dlatego warto zainwestować w dobrze wykonaną grafikę 3D, ponieważ nie ma przeszkód, żeby w przyszłości wykorzystać ją do zwizualizowania nowego produktu. Na przykład, kiedy zostanie wykonana wizualizacja w scenerii (np. kanapy w salonie), w przyszłości możemy wykorzystać tą stworzoną wcześniej scenerię do prezentacji nowego produktu, więc koszty się zmniejszają.

Krzesła w aranżacji

Lower costs

When introducing a previously visualized product to the market, but e.g. in a new color, it is possible to use existing graphics. All you need to do is make changes to the new product (in this case, the color) on the visualization and possibly adjust the environment. These are some minor changes, so the cost of the service is reduced.

In case of standard photos, it is not possible as the only solution is to do new photo shootings of new products. As you can imagine, the costs rise.

Perfect light

Any light beam angle and its intensity are technological possibilities 3D graphics offer. A large number of manufacturers pay special attention to this aspect when it comes to the presentation of their products.

Using standard photos, you can not achieve the desired result.

No defects

Showing all the details and endless possibilities of 3D digital product embellishment are of great advantage. If the product has any imperfections, you can simply not show them. When we are dealing with a screw, that has e.g., a manufacturing defect, we will not be able to hide it in the photo. When we decide to use 3D graphics, we are able to render all the imperfections freely. The overall look of the product will be the same, however, the minor changes will make it perfect.

Even more possibilities

A photo of a cross-section of a product is rather difficult to take. It is known that some products can be unfolded and photographed, but in the case of others it may be impossible. For example, a cross section of a sofa. To obtain a photo of this type, it would have to be taken during the production of the furniture.

Fortunately, 3D graphics gives you this opportunity. It is enough for the manufacturer to present, even descriptively, what is “inside”, and the graphic designers will visualize it without any problems.