We are a professional 3D graphic studio, established in 2009. We create high quality photorealistic visualisations and animations for a great variety of businesses, from producers to architects. We also make 3D animated videos for advertising purposes, films and fairy tales.  Due to our own render farm, we are able to deliver our projects faster than the competition in Poland and abroad.  The use of the latest technologies as well as effective staff trainings allow for a continuous and dynamic development of the company.  Our team consists of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable graphic designers, programmers, artists, architects and screenwriters. In Erynek 3D we cooperate with clients from all over the world and care deeply to maximize their satisfaction.


We prioritize client´s needs and requests and find proper solutions bearing in mind the size of the project as well as its target audience. Only after determining all the details we are able to prepare the project pricing. When the offer is accepted, we draw up a contract for the visualisation/3D animation. The contract guarantees  the transfer of copyright to the graphic design and provides the payment details.

Once the formalities are done, we proceed to the 3D graphic design. The client provides the materials to create the visualisation, i.e., designs, sketches, dimensions – the more information, the better.

At this stage, the 3D model is created which gives the previously flat design a three dimensional form. The client can assess the project and make changes or decide to move to the next stage.

Visualization shots are also adapted – having the initial image, we determine the location and the scope of vision.

When the 3D model project and its visualization shots are approved, we can add colors to the project. This is the so-called texturing process. When it is ready, we perform the so-called rendering. It is at this stage that the work acquires volume and expressive features; surfaces, colors and shades, various textures, shadows and lighting effects are superimposed on the model. The completed 3D graphics are reviewed by the client, who at this stage makes final corrections to the project. To speed up the process, the initial visualisations are made in a lower resolution than the final one.

At the stage, high-resolution rendering takes place. Renders go to the so-called post-production. This is a stage performed in 2D graphic processing programs, i.e., PhotoShop. In the post-production phase, the colors of additional elements are properly selected, which affect the perception of the visualization by the client, e.g., light rays, sky, etc.

After handing over the project to the client, the invoice is issued. The payment is due within 7 days of the invoice date.

Getting started with 3D product visualisation?

How to do it? The terminology used by graphic designers seem strange and confusing? The progression from idea to implementation may seem really hard.

We are open to people with no previous experience in 3D graphics and we are ready to help you get started so that you will be able to create your own 3D works that meet your expections.

Step One

Step One

Contact us by phone or e-mail. Our specialists will provide you with all the necessary information and explain the whole process in detail.

Step Two

Step Two

Provide us with the materials necessary to create 3D graphics of your product. 3D models, technical drawings, sketches and photographs will be very useful. If possible, send us an example photo or references of the final product you expect.

Step Three

Step Three

Don't worry, trust us! We are a company with many years of experience and we provide excellent and professional customer service. We will make every effort to ensure your final product is of satisfactory price to quality ratio.

Contact us!

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